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"Dear Eileen & Clive-- Sorry it took me awhile to respond.  I'm sort of speechless & amazed.  It is a great honor to receive this gift, & I can't believe what I'm experiencing from one session.....read more       Namaste, Christine"
No matter what the presenting problem:
  • Stress/not Sleeping
  • Overweight
  • Fear/Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Physical Symptoms
  • Relationship Issues
  • etc.....
RAPSI ® recognizes and locates the underlying 'Energetic Holding Pattern' and helps to release it.  This enables the person's natural healing abilities to function and positive results have been recorded in many cases.  There are no guarantees, as each client's path is unique to them, however, an increase in personal energy can be sufficient to then deal more effectively with what life presents.
Her book, 'The Missing Peace, the advanced seeker's guide to wholeness, co-authored by Clive Digby-Jones and Susan Norman, details many case studies.
The Missing Peace'
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Eileen Watkins Seymour DSc (HC) has more than 30 years experience as a registered UKCP Psychotherapist.
Her healing modality is unique to her but was recognised by NLPtCA as a branch of Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy, NLPt.  In the USA Eileen works as a Success Coach and Healer.
Energy Map
Her foundation training for
RAPSI ™ Practitioners was accredited in the UK by CPCAB, The Counselling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body.  Licensed Counselors and other qualified caring professionals are welcome to seek guidance and information on her work.
Ask Eileen: Email, Phone (561 963 4802), in confidence, and set up a time for an interview/personal session.