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The Human Story
Energy, Consciousness, Global Light    Science tells us that everything in the universe is derived from, is made up from energy, and that energy can neither be created nor destroyed in an inclosed system, simply transformed to another state.  We know from our work that the human system mirrors the Universe and that human energy can become imploded, creating 'Black Holes in the Internal Universe'©.  It is the feelings of being trapped, suppressed, fragmented that drives negative human behavior.  Ever come across someone who is a drain on you, 'who sucks your energy?'  Finding light trapped in the darkness and releasing it to radiate, is the key.  Becomng a human 'Radiator' is the result.
This 'Energy Map' drawn by the client, shows this individual's fragmented energetic 'holding pattern' of trapped energy/emotions. Science tells us that our unexpressed emotions can be directly linked, chemically, to resulting ill health (Dr. Candace Pert, The Molecules of Emotion) and that our 'Mind' is a combination of our brain and our body as one cybernetic system.  No longer is it 'Mind over Matter', they are one and the same and we can influence our physical world by uniting our consciousness, our light, in its grossest physical form, with our subtle energy/consciousness.... a continuum of light, through lifetimes. 
His later maps, show the change as his energy vibration is lightened and then the frozen energy freed to radiate. 
The 3rd shows his energy collected but still held as a central core. the 4th one was blank/pure energy radiating!
"While Modern medicine can perform miracles, the sad fact remains that we don't ever completely heal (Lynne McTaggart - Editor of WDDTY - What Doctors Don't Tell You). This is a sad testament to the simple fact that medicine has got it wrong. The latest science is discovering that chemicals don't drive our cells - it is global light. Fantastic as this may sound, it was a discovery made back in 1970 by a German physicist Fritz-Albert Popp, while he was investigating the cure for cancer.  Popp stumbled on the fact that all living things, from single-celled plants to human beings, emit a tiny current of photons, or light, which he called 'biophoton emissions'." 
Popp's discoveries have confirmed our understanding of 'The New Healing'. Read 'The Missing Peace, the advanced seeker's guide to wholeness' and the companion Workbook and DVD series which we expect to be published in 2011.
In the book, we include our version of the 'Human Story'in diagramatic form... the pictures are self explanatory.  The idea that unseen energy, parts of us blocked in this and through past existences can be the cause of negative human behaviour today and that by freeing that energy/light we can change the course of our and others human evolution, is not a new concept.  However, how we help people to achieve that seems to be.
From 'The Missing Peace, the advanced seeker's guide to wholeness' 2003, Saffire Press UK. This book forms part of the RAPSI trade mark, so this material is both™  ©