Ravenscroft International - Your Route to Success
Success Coaching
We help individuals, professionals, teams, executives and business leaders to maximize their potential and to transition succesfully, to start new businesses/careers, and much more.  Our coaching is based on the principles of 'Authentic Excellence' and 'Authentic Leadership'
"In one day, you helped me transform my work and my life." Peter Ellis, National Accounts Manager who was swiftly promoted to UK then European Sales Director.
Authentic Excellence
We differentiate between 'Authentic Excellence' and 'Performance Excellence'; the former is natural, authentic, real and wholesome; the latter involves 'managing yourself' 'monitoring yourself' 'observing yourself', 'driving yourself' 'compensating for inadequacies, perceived or real'....  in other words, hard work!.
Selfhood versus Manhood
Back in history, males would test each others strength in battle;  those of equal strength then joining forces to defeat a weaker foe, often a minority.  Manhood games are all about competition and dominance with only one winner.  Selfhood is non-gender specific and is all about the individual challenging him/herself and supporting others to do the same.
'No Pain, No Gain' - there is ample evidence of this way of existing and 'succeeding' materially, however, it has its negative consequences and can be life shortening.  For many,  we do not know that we can change our behavior, our lives, and/or it takes a disaster, a serious illness, a serious accident, to awaken to things not working and to try to find another way.
Companies which have employed us include:
Campbells Foods
Wilkinson Retail
Added Value Group (Part of WPP)
Hewlett Packard
The Disney Company