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"RAPSI ® offers something beyond professional and personal growth, beyond contemporary paradigms of faith and beyond our current understanding of the existential.  It stands as an exciting development in the business of living.  With compassion, intelligence and integrity, Eileen and Clive deliver something truly special - a ground breaking understanding of the nature of the human condition." 
David Cliff, Managing Director, Gedanken Ltd and founder member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy.
Bloodwork: (Lara's Story)
These images show one individual's bloodwork results, leading up to, during and after their 6 RAPSI ® sessions.  We were unaware that this was being recorded.  Presenting problem... Stomach issues from teenage, now showing a pre-cancerous situation.  Struggle Pattern.
6 Weeks before RAPSI Sessions
Stress           Lymph
Stomach         Free Radicals
Midway through sessions, at point struggle pattern discovered
Stress           Lymph
Stomach         Free Radicals
6 weeks after RAPSI tm work completed
Stress           Lymph
Stomach         Free Radicals
HLP Morphological Sedimentation Test
RAPSI tm - The Ravenscroft Approach to psycho-spiritual integration
Late 1970's
Information to follow...