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First the formal bit:
Executive Director of Ravenscroft International
and Author of ‘The Missing Peace...’
Marketing Director of Ravenscroft International
and Co-Author of ‘The Missing Peace...’
Dr. Eileen Watkins Seymour, DSc. (HC), is an expert in The Psychology of Success. She was instrumental in the launch of NLP in Europe and developing the first Diploma Program in the early 80’s, and is the developer of RAPSI, a leading edge psychological model, going way beyond NLP. This model underpins her work in personal development and counseling. Eileen has 30 years experience as a practicing psychotherapist, and personal and executive coach. Founder of the Ravenscroft Centre, London, and with Clive, Ravenscroft International, and Power For Good, a UK based leadership and motivational organization focused on the use of personal power for good (to be relaunched in the USA in the future). Her training course in RAPSI® was certified by the United Kingdom's CPCAB (Counseling & Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body)..
Clive Digby-Jones is a consultant, trainer, mediator and coach. He has 30+ years of US/European experience leading, facilitating and mentoring companies, boards and individuals. He has helped his clients increase market share, launch technical innovations, achieve brand supremacy and enhanced performance. As a Consultant in Innovation, Clive studied Walt Disney and designed trainings in the management of creativity for Disney University, and other companies. As a top Leadership Coach, he teaches Ravenscroft International's program of ‘Authentic Excellence’ and speaks and writes on the subject of ‘RAPSI®, ’ Eileen’s leading edge psychological model to help achieve ‘Authentic Excellence’. 
We are life partners who continue to grow and learn.  We have 6 children between us and several prior lifetimes together.  Eileen started as a Junior High School Teacher, teaching English to Gifted and Remedial students.  That two of her honor students sought her out after 40 years is testament to the affect her teaching and ability to draw out the best in people has had on others.  Clive brings a history of making change happen, from early days in IBM to his facilitation of innovation and helping others to manage transitions.   Eileen, having first married into the Jones family of Long Beach and later a Clive 'Digby'-Jones, with family history going back into the mists of time, prompts us to one day write the story of 'Journey With The Jones's' but, for now, just know that our own life experience has and will continue to inform our passion for self-development and helping others to achieve the same.  We have six wonderful children between us and at the latest count 7 grand children.
Most recently, as a result of a past client asking us to perform their wedding, we have become wedding officiants and Clive became a Notary Public.  What better way to continue our work of helping an individual to find and incorporate the rest of themselves, achieving a new union, than to facilitate the union of two people who love each other and wish to be together for this life and all time. (See Ceremonies and Celebrations).  We also welcome and Name Babies and conduct fond and joyous Farewells!